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Mrs Alison Taylor, in memory of JBT, our very close friend and exceptionally talented musician who continues to inspire us to keep playing despite the pain of his departure.

 About The Retros
It was many years ago at IBM Richmond that Dave and Rob first came together. Along with a 'worker by day musician at heart' group of folks at IBM, Dave and Rob gathered every Christmas to play for charity. This fully booked group of good Samaritans played the Christmas party circuit and sold song sheets, raising a good sum of money for the Star and Garter. Among these folks was JBT, the erstwhile bass player who would later become the inspiration that has made The Retros what they are today.







Rob, Dave, and JBT collaborated on different musical projects creating a sound and synchronicity that stands the test of time. Then life intervened, taking Rob on a trek across the globe and leaving Dave and JBT back in England carrying the musical torch. Rob's course eventually brought him back to England and tragedy. At the tender age of 40, JBT succumbed to liver cancer.

Recognizing that life passes at the blink of an eye and dear friends can vanish like a whisper, Dave and Rob wanted to honor the memory of their fallen friend in a way that best spoke to how he lived - friendship, music, and human kindness. And so JBT's memory became the band called The Retros. A singing duo - two friends who love to play music and want to lend a helping hand to the community in which they live. Friendship, music, human kindness.

The Retros first public performance was at a private party full of friends. Now several years and many gigs later, the band has raised many thousands of pounds for CLIC Sargent. While there were many deserving charities The Retros could support, they chose CLIC Sargent because kids are the hope of the future. By using their musical talents to help support this fine charity, Dave and Rob are doing their part to make sure that any child stricken with cancer has every means to fight and beat this dreadful disease.  The hallmark of the Retros is their inventive vocal harmonies together with Rob's versatile guitar accompaniment supported by state-of-the-art technology to add percussion and other musical instruments. The Retros unique sound makes for a fun and inspirational evening. Friends coming together, having some fun, and doing their part for the community. Keeping the memory of JBT alive.


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