Dave Viney was born at a very early age of humble Huguenot stock in Brighton on the south coast of England. His parents had no musical training but his mother enjoyed singing and there was always music playing at home from as early as Dave can remember: During the day, his mother cooked to the radio BBC Light Programme (the pop music of the day) and his father read books in the evenings to an assortment of classical and jazz records.


Daves exposure to live music of others making was limited in these early years to occasional treats to concerts at the Brighton hippodrome by popular acts of the day including the Shadows, Family and Winifred Attwell!

Daves first record purchase was 'Orange Blossom Special' by the 'Spotniks' (Swedish?); a 'Shadows on Speed' departure from the run-of-the-mill pop records of the day which appealed to Daves other preoccupation with making electronic devices for sound production and modification including the spectreuphon; an early version of a sound to light unit which was constructed for an inter-school competition.


On leaving university, Dave took out a bank loan to buy some 'hi-fi' equipment including a state-of-the-art (reel-to-reel) tape recorder which he still has to this day: Dave spent much of his leisure time listening to friends records and copying them! It was while living at a YWCA (I kid you not!) in Manchester that Dave was introduced to wide range of rock music including Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heap, Hawkwind and Focus; a genre which remains at the heart of Daves love of music.


Having rediscovered a school friend who had composed pop/blues songs in his youth and wanted to record them for posterity, Dave teamed up for a typical attic room 4-track recording setup to sing, engineer and produce songs which after migration to a more sophisticated home recording studio resulted in an 'album' (Just A Breeze) which can be heard on (search for artist 'Vain').

In fact, Daves recording studio came about as a result of meeting Rob (the other Retro) who needed help to install his first studio which Dave subsequently replicated in his own house: This was the start of a musical partnership which consisted initially of joint compositions of dance music and recording songs that Rob had previously composed while playing in various bands. Many a night (and early morning) was spent creating the latest masterpiece, few of which were ever completed!

Another joint project with Rob was a 'scratch' band based on work colleagues which performed for charity at office Christmas parties and similar events: the bass player (JBT) also played with Rob in a function band (the Self Righteous Brothers) which Dave joined for a while until it took another direction.


While Rob spent some time in Australia, Dave and JBT became close friends and spent evenings seeking out local live music and operating his 'PA' system (used for the SRBs) for local jazz groups and bands whom they had started to patronise.

The trauma that then beset Dave and Rob was the inspiration for the Retros: At the tender age of 40, JBT succumbed to liver cancer and on Robs return from Australia (via France), the decision to play in his memory was made and rehearsals started. The Retros first public performance was at a private friends party in September 2002 and, many years & gigs later, they are still raising funds for CLIC Sargent.


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